We would love to help you plan your next event !

We can come to your location and satisfy all your party needs by serving your guests the authentic Italian menu you so desire! From a simple buffet to having the chef come and cook a private meal in your kitchen, it can all be arranged!

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Food trays to go

For those that simply want to have a good meal that is easy to serve for a group, we also offer our food by the tray! Just give us 24 hour notice, and then come pick up at the restaurant!

Half tray serves 8-10 / Full tray serves 16-20 people


Antipasto Italiano $1100 / $1900

Tagliere de carne $ 1,100/$1,900

Carpaccio di manzo $ 1,200/$2,100

Bruschetta vegana $500/$ 800

Bruschetta salmón $800 /$1400


Insalata Della casa $850/$1500

Insalata chop $850/$1500

Insalata bonnie $850 /$1500

Insalata caprese $850 /$1500

Carciofi ALLA romana $1240/$2100


Lasagna Della nonna $1,600/$2,800

Lasagna Vegana $1,600/$2,800

Fettuccine carbonara $1,600/$2,800

Fettuccine bolognese $1,600/$2,800

Spaghetti frutti di mare $1,900/$3,700

Casoncelli $1,900/$3,700

Ravioli di pesce $1,900/$3,700

Caserecce Verdi $1,600/$2,800

Gnocchi $1,600/$2,800

Linguine limone $1,900/$3,700

Rigatoni vegani $1,600/$2,800


Salmone piccata $1,400/$2,400

Branzino alla mediterránea $1,400/$2,400

Pollo alla pizzaiola $1,400/$2,400

Scaloppine $1,400/$2,500

Ossobuco $1,800/$3,000

Panini mix $1,200/ $2,100

Veggies $550/$900

Pure di patate $550/$900

Topping camaron $400/$700

Topping pollo $400/$700


Risotto ai porcini $1,600/$2,800

Risotto Nero con calamari $1,600/$2800


Tiramisù $1,000/$1,700

Cannoncini $1,000/$1,700

Crostata $1,000/$1,700

If you have another favorite authentic Italian dish that you don’t see in this menu just give us a call and we will definitely try to fulfill your request!